Tabletop Simulator importer

  1. CORS prevents downloading images. You have to install (and enable for the editor) an extension for Firefox or start Chrome in a special way to disable it. I'm looking for a way around that.
  2. Search for a mod in the steam workshop.
  3. Use the steam workshop downloader to download it.
  4. For now extract the JSON file from the archive.
  5. Select the file here:
  6. Wait. Seriously.

Filter widget types

Direct coordinate editing

"Set" sets the entered value to all selected widgets.

"Offset" adds the entered value to each selected widgets (use negative numbers to offset left/up).

"Spacing" makes the leftmost/topmost widget stay where it is and moves the rest so the spacing between the widgets equals the entered value.

You can also use formulas like "12+52".


Direct JSON editing

(only visible if exactly one widget is selected)

See u/RaphaelAlvez' unoffical documentation.

Default size



Some notes

Card deck settings

Edit images

Compress images

Note: all other actions keep the size and convert to PNG. Use compression to turn images back to JPG.

Type: - Quality (JPG only):

Rotate images




For updates check my reddit post.

v12 - 2020-09-28

v11 - 2020-09-27

v10 - 2020-09-21

v9 - 2020-09-16

v8 - 2020-09-15

v7 - 2020-09-14

v6 - 2020-09-14

v5 - 2020-09-13

v4 - 2020-09-12

v3 - 2020-09-08

v2 - 2020-09-07

v1 - 2020-09-06

Merge card types

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